2017-04-23 19:19:48

Earth’s birthday - environmental problems

Učenici 8.b razreda pisali su projekte/sastave iz engleskog jezika o ekološkim problemima. Povodom Dana planeta Zemlje željela sam podijeliti neke njihove misli s vama nadajući se da će vas navesti na razmišljanje. Pročitajte sastave Ive Radošević i Ane Bašić.

Problems of contemporary world


There are so many problems in our world, like hunger, poverty and wars, but the biggest problem is ecological. Today´s man doesn’t have understanding for nature.

So many greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, too much plastic bags are thrown on the ground without knowing how awful that is for nature. Billions of trees are cut down for buildings, furniture and paper. Millions of animals are killed for clothes and their cubs are left alone, without food, so they usually die. Some animal species are already extinct. People use pesticides for weed and that way they destroy bees. Some people say if bees die forever, we will die with them, too. Somewhere above Antarctica is the ozone hole. Because of that, we have a lot of harmful radiation during summer. The acid rains are destroying our wood and ground, too.

Lately, the current topic is use of antibiotics that are given to sick animals. The experts say that we eat „toxic meat“, because antibiotics are still in the blood, that way we become immune on „our“ antibiotics. People, where is the end? Why are we cutting down, killing and destroying our planet? There are so many problems that I didn´t mention, but we MUST stop.

Humans should live with nature because God made us as one part of his heart. Please, take care of nature, of yourself. Nature will give back the same, because, as I said, we are all one part of God´s heart.


Iva Radošević, 8.b




Forest fires in Croatia


Every year the Republic of Croatia, especially its south part - Dalmatia, faces forest fire risks. Many forest fires happen between June and October. They are mainly caused by long lasting dry and warm weather when temperatures reach over 30°C. Forest fires most commonly break out during the warm part of the day, from 09:00 until 18:00 hours in the warm part of the year. Reforesting of burned areas is very slow. Croatia has been far behind in reforesting in the continental part of the country.

On August 30,  a new fire broke out on the island of Kornat. A team of 23 firefighters was sent on what they thought would be just a routine mission. 13 of them were stranded between two hills without any water. Soon a wall of fire encircled them. Although the burning grass was only 10 cm tall, the firefighters didn't have the necessary equipment and had nowhere to run. In only a minute, six of them were killed instantly, while the other seven remained lying on the ground, badly burned, waiting for help more than two hours. Six of them died in a hospital. The fire itself had nowhere to spread, and was soon naturally extinguished, bringing up many questions about the necessity of the intervention.


Ana Bašić, 8.b

Osnovna škola dr. Franje Tuđmana Lički Osik